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What Sets Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) Apart?

From minor annoyances to significant distortions, PDR is the trusted solution for
  •  Small Dents
  • Creases
  • Large Dents
  • Bumper Dents
  • Large Complex Dents
  • Hail Damage

Masters in Eliminating Dents & Folds from Car Body Lines

At its core, PDR utilises advanced tools and adhesive pulling mechanisms to expertly erase dents, leaving your car’s original paintwork untouched — no colour discrepancies, no overspray. A combination of patience, precise coordination, and refined expertise means your car gets restored to its prime state without the need for paint or fillers.

Retain your car’s authentic value with its pristine paintwork intact. Vehicles with original paintwork hold a higher market value than those repainted.

The intact finish safeguards your car’s resale worth. Plus, our approach is the eco-friendly counterpart to traditional car body repair methods. With our fully insured mobile service, our adept technicians bring the workshop to your doorstep—be it home or office.


Why Dent Detective is the Right Choice for Your Car


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